A Quick Tip for Your Lip!

So today I’m sharing with you these two very quick and easy tips, I have tried them of course and I was definitively satisfied with the results.

Tip Number One: Now I’m sure we all have dry lips sometimes, perhaps pealing as well and maybe a burning feeling in your lips too! So a quick solution for this is toothpaste! Yep all you have to do is put some toothpaste all over your lips and wait for 1-2 minutes and then rinse it off, that’s it! You will have smooth beautiful looking lips in just 2 minutes! I also noticed that lips look pinker, fresher and plumper after this which of course is a plus!

Tip Number Two: You can use this whenever you want to exfoliate your lips – So after you’re done brushing your teeth, you can use your wet brush (with or without toothpaste -it’s up to you) gently brush your lips with the wet brush. This will exfoliates your lips leaving them smooth and fresh.

P.S: I do not recommended using these tips if your lips are extremely pealing or cracking or bleeding – I suggest you cure it with whatever oil or lip balm you use – first and then try these tips.


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