Pollen Mask

I would like to share with you one of my favorite masks recipes if not thee favorite mask recipe! I actually came to learn about this mask by accident while I was on my trip to Turkey, in a Province called Bursa where I stopped to buy natural honey on my way to Bursa’s famous teleferik. On the way to visit this place, we stopped by a small shop, a shop specialized in selling and making various types of natural honey as well as many natural handmade soaps and other natural skincare products.

They had all types of skincare and haircare products that were made of natural honey, milk and other natural ingredients and of course they had different types of pure honey. As I was browsing through this shop, I came across small grains bottled in small glass jars, at the time I honestly did not have any idea what it was so I had to ask about it because I found it very interesting and when I asked the guy that was working at the shop, he was actually a doctor specialist in the making of these natural products,he introduced me to this called pollen, I have heard and known about it but never actually seen it before, then he quickly gave me a recipe for a face mask where this pollen can be used and he told that this pollen is the perfect secret for a rejuvenated and glowy skin, what he explained seemed a lot like what we know as collagen.

If you’re still wondering what Pollen is? let me give you an idea, it is that powdery fine substance typically yellow, consisting of microscopic grains discharged from the male structures and gets transported by various means like wind, water and insects…etc these grains get transported to the female structures through one or more of these helping factors and then the fertilization occurs in the female structures. I’m sure we all read about this at some point in Biology class.


The recipe is really easy and fast, you need only 3 ingredients and one of them is the Pollen and as for the other two, they are natural honey and lemon.

There is no fixed quantities for the ingredients because it differs depending on the amount of mask needed and the area you would like to cover with the mask. You can do this mask to cover your entire face and neck or you can just use it for the areas that are more likely to get wrinkles due to climate factors or aging such as the areas around the mouth where you can get laugh lines, around the outer corner of your eyes and any other areas that you feel it will likely to get wrinkles depending on your skin type and condition.

Why is Pollen or Bee Pollen is so good for the skin?

let me tell you, Bee pollens are packed with vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants, that’s why it can effectively rejuvenate , reduce wrinkles, tone, nourish and clear the skin.

One very important note is that you need to grind the pollen very well until it becomes a powder. When the powder is ready, you can add the honey and lemon to it and mix it well until you get a paste that you can apply on your face. Make sure to add only a few drops of lemon because you do not want a thin paste, you want the paste to be thick enough that it can be applied easily and stays on your skin. Once the paste is done, use your fingers to apply it evenly on the wanted area then leave it for around 20 mins. When removing the mask after approximately 20 minutes, I recommend to use baby Johnson face wipes to first remove the mask because you will need it to remove the crushed pollens stuck on your skin then slowly wash away what’s left from the mask with Luke warm water and gently pat dry your face with a towel or paper tissues.

You will immediately notice how smooth, moisturized and glowy your skin is! you won’t believe how good this mask is, and you will even notice that when you apply makeup, your makeup will look more beautiful and glowy because of your healthy skin! it feels as if you have fed your skin some good healthy food!

This mask is recommended to be used only 1-2 a month.

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