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Today’s review is about another favorite product of mine, writing this strictly from my personal experience. This product definitely became one of my Holy Grail products.

For me, finding the perfect mascara has always been a challenge, even though I am blessed with thick eyelashes but still I was never really satisfied with most Mascaras that I had tried in the past.

Without further ado….it’s the Loreal Telescopic Mascara! This baby is perrrfect , I’m gonna tell you why :

  • Once you apply it you can immediately see the difference! It makes your eyelashes look longer and separates each and every eyelash, making your eyes look more awake, it also curls your lashes to the point that you no longer need an eyelash curler!
  • It’s clump free and comes off easily without smudging or leaving mascara residue under or around the eye
  • It has a small wand (Brush) which makes it really easy to apply on each and every lash and it’s also perfect for those small lower lashes!

A final note about this product: this mascara does not give much volume so if you’re looking for extra volume this may not be the one for you BUT you can try using it as a base coat and then using a volumizing mascara as a second coat, this will give you absolutely amazing results!

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