Diorshow Iconic Overcurl Mascara – REVIEW

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Today’s review is about the Diorshow Iconic Overcurl Mascara, this mascara has become my new favorite mascara! The best part about it is that it happened so unexpectedly, I wasn’t planning on buying this mascara, I bought it at the airport on my way back from Baku, I was in a hurry and I needed a mascara, and as I was looking, it caught my eye and when I bought, I had no idea about this mascara, I haven’t seen it anywhere or read about it or anything, I randomly chose it and bought it and then I found out that it’s my new favorite, it’s like the perfect unexpected things that happen in life, ya know 😀


So why is this mascara so perfect? Well it curls your eyelashes like crazy, trust me you won’t even think about using an eyelash curler no more! as it’s concave brush will give you the lash-curler effect you need! this curved brush offers spectacular volume and curling power. The curved brush styles every lash from bottom to top.


Also this mascara is very black, it separates, thickens and elongates your lashes. It does not clump or smudge ever! It’s also very easy to remove and will not leave you with black smudges all over your eyelids and under eye once you’re done removing it, it can be easily removed with warm water or makeup remover.

I have been using this mascara for a few months now and just after using it daily for about two weeks, I started to notice that my lashes have increased in length and volume very noticeably, I was really impressed! As it says in the description, this mascaras lipid complex combined with a pseudo-ceramid strengthens lashes to prevent breakage, while plant nectar boosts the development of keratin, reinforcing them .This Mascara’s formula nourishes, strengths and smooths  your lashes for long-lasting vitality.

Also Clinical studies on 31 subjects observing naked lashes after four weeks of daily application yielded the following increases:
– +31% in volume
– +33% in curl

And an instrumental study that used before-and-after photos to measure lashes upon makeup application found the following increases:
– +53% in volume
– +111% in curl

Application: The right way to apply this mascara in order to get the ultimate effect, would be applying it vertically with the concave side, then boost and set the curl by pressing the brush against the upper lashes for a lash-curler effect.

Dior Iconic Overcurl Mascara Review

Honestly from my own experience this definitely does what it says, I have never used a mascara that has the ability to do this so noticeably, many mascaras say that they’re supposedly do this but after I use them, nothing happens, you know what I mean? I’m sure you’ve had this happen to you as well, and also many mascaras that are extremely good and give you an extremely beautiful look when you apply them unfortunately don’t have the ability to enhance your lashes growth or vitality in any way,  like for example, my holy grail mascara which I really love and will keep purchasing The L’Oreal telescopic mascara ( you can read my review about it HERE ) this mascara is perfect in every way but does not help with lashes growth or vitality at all.


I also wanna mention that the Diorshow Iconic Overcurl Mascara that I got is the normal one and not the waterproof one, even though when I bought it, I didn’t really pay attention to that and later discovered that there’s one that is waterproof but I’m glad I chose this one because I have noticed with other waterproof mascaras that I have used in the past that the waterproof ones tend to be really stubborn and really hard to remove which will leave mascara residue even after you’re done removing them, this will result in having black mascara residue around the eye area and if left uncleaned then this will result in under eye circles over time.

This Mascara is actually available in two other colors which are Blue ( The blue color is : 264 OVER BLUE ) and Brown ( The brown color is 694 OVER BROWN ) I personally haven’t tried the other two colors, I’ve only tried the black one which is the one I’m writing this review about, the black is called 090 OVER BLACK. this mascara is definitely a must have in my opinion!

I personally like to use the L’Oreal telescopic mascara as a first coat and then apply the Diorshow Iconic Overcurl Mascara as a second and final coat. This gives the ultimate perfect look! : )

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