The best home made lip scrub!

Today I will share with you my favorite lip scrub recipe! I don’t mind spending money on lip care products but lip scrub is not one of them, why would I spend so money on something that I can easily create at home and way better? I had tried so many lips scrubs from so many brands, from high end to drug store, None of them did something that this homemade lip scrub cant do so without further ado, lets get started!

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The ingredients of this scrub is something that you can easily find and probably already have at your own home, how cool is that?


1- Sugur ( white or brown )

2- Vanilla Extract

3- Any old lipstick or food coloring.

4-Coconut oil.

5- An old skincare or makeup container.

6- a bowl and a spoon for mixing.


Preparing this scrub is pretty simple, all you need is to put the ingredients all together until you have some kind of paste, for me I did not use any specific measurements, I just measured it by eye, an amount that fits my container, one thing to look out for which is to gradually add the coconut oil and the vanilla extract so that you end up with a thick mix that can be used as a scrub, so just measure the sugar based on the container that you have and then start adding the other ingredients slowly and gradually and mix them together, in my scrub I actually used an old Maybelline lipstick, I just cut some of it with a knife and added it to the mix, the lipstick is red so it gave a beautiful strawberry pink color to the scrub and the vanilla extract gave the scrub an amazing delicious scent.

You should never underestimate the power of lip scrub as it helps smooths and softens your skin and it’s essential in keeping your lips full, healthy and hydrated. I am really happy with the results of this homemade scrub and still using it ever since. it’s natural,works perfectly and on top of that delicious 😉

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