Quick homemade Hair Mask!

So today I wanted to quickly share with you, a very quick and easy to make hair mask that you can easily do at home! For this hair mask I’m going to mix afew oils that are known for their importance in keeping the hair healthy, shiny and strong!

The oils that I will be using in this mask are : Coconut oil, Avocado oil, Almond oil and Caster oil

All of those oils are very famous for their benefits for the hair, all you need is a small bowl to mix the oils in and a hair clip, there are no specific quantities for how much oil you would put as it differs depending on the hair length and thickness but in general just try to have equal quantities of each oil except the coconut oil in my opinion you can add as much as you want because its just great for the hair!

After you’re done with the mixing, start applying the mix to your hair, do not put it on the roots! Start from middle of your hair and go all way to the ends, its very important to soak the ends very well because thats where we usually get breakage and split ends and thats the part mostly damaged when styling your hair.

After you’re done, simply put your hair in a bun using your hair clip and wait for at least 1 hour no less! And if you can wait for 3-4 hours that would be perfect for your hair as it will get more time to benefit from all the goodness of the oils. this Mask will repair your damaged hair, split ends and will leave your hair looking smooth, healthy and shiny.

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