All about the eyes! – Clinique Review

Today’s review is about what is now my absolute favorite eye treatment product, yes I’m talking about all about the eyes Cream/Gel by Clinique! So I wasn’t exactly planning on purchasing this but I ended up being completely proud of doing so. I was only looking for an eye cream to moisturize my under eye area and sometimes apply it before putting on my  concealer.


I was really confused on which brand to choose this time, then I decided to go once again with Clinique since I love most of their productsو but still I wasn’t feeling very encouraged because I have already tried their pep-start eye cream and I was completely disappointed with this product to be honest, it really does nothing and it gives me a burning sensation when I apply it under my eyes which I find very strange, this product was a part of  The 10 days of Clinique package (  you can read my review on that Here )  which is how I tried the  pep-start eye cream and I’m glad I did before purchasing it full size and not liking it.


Pep-Start Eye Cream

I’ve also tried another eye product by Clinique which is all about the eyes – eye serum, I think it is okay but not really satisfied with it and I only use it sometimes when my eyes are extremely tired, I wouldn’t repurchase this product unfortunately, but I think it might have better results for the people who suffer from extreme puffiness around their eyes and I would definitely recommend to always keep it in the refrigerator because this way the serum will be cold, refreshing and soothing when you apply it.


All about the eyes – Eye Serum

SO anyways this time, I chose all about the eyes Cream/Gel by Clinique,  I was thinking worst case scenario, this still would be an excellent moisturizer. Now I’m writing this review strictly from my own personal experience and the fact that I’m extremely satisfied with this product and have been using it for over a month now, I knew I had to share my experience and recommend it to you!

It says that You’re supposed to use this product twice a day, once in the morning and once at night but  personally for me, one time at night is enough and I started noticing the difference right away, it’s freaking magic, I mean it does wonders with the dark eye circles, definitely the perfect treatment for that! Way better than any other product that I’ve used and definitely better than any home remedies that I’ve tried before and not just that! It also helps with puffiness, and nourishes the under eye area making it look healthier, and makes the skin feel calmed, nourished and revitalized  as well as motorizing it.



all about the eyes Cream/Gel      — For Normal Skin —

This product targets under-eye circles, shadows, lines and puffs, it has special moisturizers and optical diffusers to immediately diminish the appearance of under-eye circles and fine lines.

Further details about this product:

  • This Product contains a unique combination of botanicals, proteins and anti-oxidants works to fade the look of under-eye darkness.
  • Decreases puffs and strengthens skin against environmental aggressors.
  • Helps to extend eye makeup wear.
  • This velvety, lightweight, cream/gel is absorbed quickly.
  • Wait a few seconds before applying your eye makeup.
  • Long-term smoothing and firming results are cumulative, so use morning and night, over the entire eye area.
  • This product can be used for both men and women and for all skin types and Make sure to keep out of eyes.
  • It is Allergy tested, 100% fragrance free and Ophthalmologist tested.

If  you decide to use this product under your eye makeup then please Keep in mind to wait a little before applying your concealer and eye makeup, because it needs a few seconds for the eye area to absorb it completely.

A final and very important note about this product is that it comes into Two types of the  all about the eyes –Clinique cream, one that is for normal under eye which is the one that I got for myself and one that is for extremely dry under eye ,the all about the eyes-rich.


   all about the eyes-rich       – For extremely dry skin-

All about the eyes rich:

This one is specifically for those who have extremely dry skin around their eyes. Adding to all the benefits that the all about the eyes –Clinique cream/gel offers, this rich one provides you with intense moisture for the skin that needs a higher level of moisture. It is slightly different in texture compared with the normal one, because it tends to be thicker and more on the creamy side in texture while the normal one has a lighter cream/gel like texture.

you should take the all about the eyes-rich only if you have extremely dry skin around your eyes, if you don’t then take the normal one because it is better to get exactly what your skin needs than to over moisturize your under eye and also if you over moisturize your under eye when it doesn’t really need it, your makeup will not hold in place and the opposite will be likely to happen.

Always keep in mind that the eye area skin is extra-fragile. It contends with the effects of dryness, time and weather, so fine lines show up first around the eyes, therefore it is very important to always take care of the eye area daily in order to keep it healthy looking and moisturized all the time!

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  • Hi there
    Thanks so much for sharing,as someone with oily T line and always struggling on what to use on my face, I found loads of value reading your post.
    Thanks for mentioning Clinique, affordable so it`s something I`m looking forward to getting.
    I`m not an experienced online shopper, where do you think is the best place(price wise) to purchase Clinique online?

    Liked by 1 person

  • Hey!
    Thank you for reading my post and I’m glad that you found it helpful.
    yes I definitely recommend Clinique because like you said it’s affordable and at the same time the quality of their products IS just perfect! and you can find products for every skin type!. I have other Clinique reviews that you might find helpful as well :).
    Unfortunately I can’t recommend any good (price wise) online places to shop Clinique because I prefer to see the product in person and have a little testing before I purchase it but you can check their official website here:, you might find some good deals there 🙂 . Hope this helped Xoxo


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