• Gearbest Website Review!

    Today I will be reviewing this really great website that I’ve been introduced to and absolutely LOVED! This website is Gearbest website. Gearbest has almost everything you might need! Let

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  • Hand And Nail Care Routine!

    Follow my blog with Bloglovin Today I’m showing you a really nice and easy routine that is really good for your hands and nails, all the things you need are

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  • How to perfectly clean your Beauty Sponge!

    Follow my blog with Bloglovin I’m sure you’ve struggled with cleaning your Beauty sponge, no matter how much you clean it, it’s never really spotless and looking new you know?

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  • Cute Fall Look with RoseGal

    Set Design with this cute look for the fall featuring open top from Rosegal.   Get The look Here:  Open shoulder top 22715 IQD – rosegal.com T By Alexander Wang cut off

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  • My Travel Essentials

    Since I had to travel recently, I thought I would tell you about my travel essentials, I think I’ve made some of the best choices when packing. I will try

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  • Learn How To – Make The Best Natural Hair Mask

    Today I’ll be sharing with you an amazing mask recipe for your hair, it will literary give you the healthiest and shiniest hair and trust me I have tried many

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  • Flame Towers

    In my opinion this is one of the most impressive looking skyscraper I’ve ever seen and it has the most interesting name “Flame Towers” as soon as you hear it’s

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  • My Blogger Recognition Award!

    Before I start talking about me, myself and my blog, I would like to talk about the amazing blogger that selected me for the Blogger Recognition Award, Gabriela the founder of

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  • A Quick Tip for Your Lip!

    So today I’m sharing with you these two very quick and easy tips, I have tried them of course and I was definitively satisfied with the results. Tip Number One:

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  • WonderWoman – Design and Review?

    So I finally got the chance to watch WonderWoman and I fell in love! This design is obviously inspired by the movie, and while I was posting my design I

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