Friendship of Nations Fountain -дружба народов

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Today’s Architecture is a magical fountain located in Moscow, the capital of Russia, I had visited this beautiful fountain when I was a child and I sill remember it like a dream, all these golden status gathered around in a circle and the splashing sound of the fountain’s water. This fountain is called “дружба народов” , it’s pronounced  “Druzhba Narodov”  which in English means ” Friendship of Nations


This fountain is located in Mira Avenue, 119/1, Moscow, Russia. It is located in the plaza near the Russian Exhibition Centre. The designing and architecture of this fountain is magical. A number of locals, as well as tourists, prefer visiting this place in the evening time when the fountain looks superbly fancy.


This Fountain is One of the most stunning discoveries for those who visit Russia.A display of 16 statutes that represent the former member nations of the of former Soviet Union: Russia, Armenia, Ukraine, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Lithuania, Latvia, Tajikistan, Estonia, Turkmenistan, Moldavia, Georgia, Kirghizstan, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan.


Statues that represent Ukraine (on the left) and Russia (on the right)

Statue of Turkmenia

Statue of Turkmenia

Fountain Druzhba Narodov was built to highlight the Friendship of the People in the Soviet Union.The main objective of the fountain was to present the idea of national identity to the Soviet people and the world. The fountain was constructed in 1950s by sculptors Z. Bazhenova, L. Bazhenova, Z. Ryleeva, I. Tchaikova, and A. Teneta. Each bronze and gold-plated maiden features a female wearing the national dress of their country. Each statue was created in the image of a young lady from each respective republic. Thus, every “golden” girl was once a real model – a living embodiment of her smaller homeland.


Fountain Druzhba Narodov is 24 meters in height that look equally appealing from a distance. The basin of this fountain is also quite huge which adds to the beauty of this structure.


The figures majestically form a circle around a wheat sheaf made of gold-plated copper sheet. The bowl that encircles the monument which is made of red granite and is powered by eight pumps that process thousands of liters of water. Eight hundred jets that spray water ensure stunning and ever-changing displays of beauty. Nonetheless stunning, this statue evokes memories of an era long gone, but not forgotten.


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