ProjectPan with a Review! – Prime and Fine Primer by Catrice Cosmetics

So I’ve recently finished this Product! And decided to write this review. This Review is not about a favorite product of mine, it’s about a product that I loved for a while but wasn’t quietly satisfied with. The product is Prime and Fine Primer by Catrice Cosmetics, this product is very affordable and it’s supposed to be Pore Refining, Anti-Shine Base, Mattifying, Long-lasting and oil free.

From my experience, I find it very moisturizing to the skin and also makes your skin all smooth, that’s what it does mostly…It is one of the first face primers that I’ve used, and I really liked it to the point of repurchasing it again but the second time I purchased it, I kinda regret it cause I started not liking it as much since it didn’t really make my foundation last long and I started noticing that it’s not really as mattifying as it should be especially during summer time so I started trying out other face primers.

On a final note, if you would like to purchase this product then I would definitely recommend this for you if you have dry skin and as for other skin types then I would recommend using this during winter cause that’s when our skin usually gets dry and makeup tends to last longer by itself so this product should provide you with the moisturizing base you need under your foundation.

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