My Travel Essentials

Since I had to travel recently, I thought I would tell you about my travel essentials, I think I’ve made some of the best choices when packing. I will try my best to share my Trip with you in another post with many details and pictures, so stay tuned for that!

Now when it comes to Makeup, I think it is very important to take products that are very practical for everyday use and suitable for a trip, like an eye shadow palette that has all the shades necessary for an everyday look or a party look or any look you might wanna do during your trip, this will save you much space since you have everything you need in one palette, of course the shades and the colors of the eye shadows are completely up to you since each one of use has its own taste and favorites , for me personally this palette would definitely be Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette, I have been wanting to do a review on it  for so long and I will  definitely do that soon so stay tuned for that as well.


Now you also need a foundation, take your most favorite foundation to use throughout your trip, mine is  L.A Girl Pro. Coverage along with the L.A Girl Pro.Prep face primer and MaxFactor CremePuff Pressed powder.

And Of course you should take your most reliable eye primer and concealer, I personally took my Urban Decay Primer potion and Maybelline age rewind concealer. I also took my M.A.C pro long wear concealer in case I needed extra coverage.

Take your favorite eyeliner and mascara, mine is the L’oreal Telescopic Mascara [ you can read my review on the L’Oreal Telscopic Mascara here ] and for eyeliner I took my Deborah Milano 24OREXTRA slim felt tip eyeliner pen.

Lipsticks are also important of course, I took a few pinkish shades from NYX matt lip cream and The balm meet matt(e) Hughes liquid lipsticks.

Also take your favorite blush, try to pick a pinkish shade that can go well with all of your makeup looks and mine would be the Balm FratBoy Blush.

Now there are other makeup products that you might wanna take with you but they’re not as essential, such as highlighters, take your best highlighter, mine is Mary-Lou Manizer by the balm  and a setting powder, of course mine would be Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder.

One of the most important things to have during a trip is sunscreen with SPF because you will probably spend most of your time outside under direct sun light and for that I took my Clinique Mineral sunscreen fluid for face [ you can read my review on the Cllinique Mineral Sunscreen here ]

And now the Skin care products: it is extremely important to maintain your skincare routine throughout your trip so you don’t damage your skin by letting it go dry or have discolorations or any other skin problems, so have a moisturizer during your trip as well as a scrub and makeup remover. Also remember to have soap or a face wash to wash your face because you don’t want your skin to get irritated from using random soaps which might harm your skin.


For my skin care I took : Clinique moisture surge overnight mask as a moisturizer  , Clinique Pep-start 2-in-1 exfoliating cleanser,  both of these products were included in the 10 days of Clinique package that I have previously purchased [ you can read my review on the 10 days of Clinique here ] and for makeup remover I used Coconut oil for my eyes and for my face I used Garnier Micellar cleansing water.

A very cool trick that I found very useful during my trip, and that was taking coconut oil with me which can serve as a makeup remover, face and eyes moisturizer when needed and hair protectant oil! It was amazing and definitely saves a lot of space because you’re taking one thing and use it for all these different purposes when usually you might have to take a product for each one of these purposes.

another thing you must take with you is a pack of face wipes, I took Johnson’s daily essentails moisturizing cleansing wipes.

Makeup setting spray — mine is Mario Badescu this is very useful to take on a trip because it can be used as a setting spray as well as a refreshing and hydrating mist to use anywhere anytime and that is something we all need during a trip.

I would definitely recommend taking the original Vaseline petroleum jelly, this can be used for a variety of purposes and definitely come in handy and can cure any sudden skin dryness you might encounter during your trip due to climate change.

Also remember taking a few Q-tips and cotton pads with you in case you need them, along with your toothbrush, hair brush, hair ties, bobby pins, shampoo and conditioner.

large (1).jpg

As for clothes, you can plan a few outfits for your trip which is exactly what I did but always keep in mind that it is very important to take a pair of jeans pants and shorts and a hand bag/purse that would go with everything and also a few of your favorite accessories that goes well with most of the clothes you took with you.




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