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Today’s review is about a really cool brand23157587_1162620640536801_667219381_o that I’ve been introduced to and absolutely loved!

First let me start by telling you a little about this brand.




ZAN,STYLE is a modern apparel brand, they aim to bring premium daily wear to all fashion and beauty lovers. Simple, stylish and high-quality but with reasonable price. They obey the highest standard of clothing from the materials choosing, producing, and quality control. They carry out strict quality controls to ensure that their products are good for people and the environment.


I was contacted by ZAN.STYLE to do this review and I must say that I’m really happy to be doing this cooperation with ZAN.STYLE, and I’m glad that I got the chance to try out their products!

I was given the chance to choose from their products, to try them out and do an honest and truthful review.

Honestly I really liked their clothes, they’re minimal and simple in a very stylish and beautiful way.


In the Picture above, you can see the three items that  ZAN.STYLE sent me which I will be talking about in detail in a bit. Everything was nicely packaged, clean and neatly folded in plastic bags, which I really liked and appreciated, and the clothes didn’t have any strange factory Oder.


The material of the clothes, the quality and their designs is something we’re all looking for. The clothes are high quality material, the stitches are perfect, the clothes are all clean cut and very well manufactured.

The clothes that I got to choose from ZAN.STYLE, immediately went into my favorites section of my closet! Because as soon as I tried them out, I was in LOVE! They look even better once I put them on. They’re exactly how I wished them to be, and let me tell you, I’m the kind of person that would go over ten shopping places and then comes back with just one item that I actually loved, so my point is, I really wasn’t expecting to be this satisfied with these clothes as much as I was!


All the products looked very well manufactured, high quality and all the pieces were neatly finished. Personally, all of the items that I got were a perfect fit in every way, I’m sure you will have a very successful shopping experience if you decide to buy clothes from ZAN.STYLE .  Here is the brand’s website:

The website has a very useful sizes’ guide for each item, this will help you choose the perfect size for you. I relied on their guide for the pieces that I got and they all turned out to be a perfect fit for me.

You will find many categories and a variety of clothes for both women and men on the brand’s website. They also have many new arrivals! For men and women, you should definitely check them out!

Now I will be showing you each item with pictures and details so that you can see for yourself. I will also include their links, because I’m sure you will be interested in getting one if not all them!

let’s start, shall we? 😀

Product No.1

This is  a ZAN.STYLE Lace Up V Neck T-shirt, the main features of this tee is that it’s V neck and it’s a Lace up criss cross design, regular cut and an easy fit. This T-shirt  is available in two colors, black and white and It’s made of 94 percent rayon and 6 percent spandex.


Now I will show you few pictures of mine so you can have a better look  : ) . I got mine in black and Size S, I think this kind of T-shirt design and specially in black color can be dressed up or down depends on how you style it!


this T-shirt is very comfortable and it’s material is soft and alil bit stretchy, definitely perfect for everyday wear whether it’s in the color black or white, you can easily style it and wear it anyway you want, and it will look effortlessly stylish . For me pairing it with a ripped jeans pants is definitely my favorite look.

Shop this Product here:  Lace Up V Neck T-shirt

Product No.2

This is a ZAN.STYLE Stripe A-line Dress, it’s a sleeveless dress with Narrow shoulder straps, Button front closure, Stripe pattern and a A-line silhouette. It’s made of 100 percent viscose .


This dress is available in white and grey color, I got mine in grey and in XS size,  the fabric of the dress is light which I think  makes it very suitable for hot summer time.

this is a very cute summer dress, it would look good during the day or night, with heels or flats, and it has this very elegant look to it. The dress  is light, really comfortable and very stylish, you can wear it anywhere, anytime and style it as you wish. Definitely a must have.

Shop this Product hereStripe A-line Dress


Product No.3

Ripped ankle jeans: This is a ZAN.STYLE woman boyfriend ankle jeans, it’s ripped design, midrise and regular fit.  I picked size S and it’s a perfect fit for me, even the length of it fits perfectly.


It comes in blue color only. It has 5 pockets which is the most widely used pocket configuration, with the fifth pocket being the small coin pocket. If you’re looking for a boyfriend design jeans then you should definitely get this one!


The minute I put this on, I was like where have you been all my life?! I actually never found a jeans with this design that I actually liked and got before. But THIS is just perfect, and it’s not just the design that I fell in love with, it’s the quality of the jeans itself, I mean this is a very high quality jeans here, I noticed it as soon as I saw and touched the fabric even before trying it on. It’s very well manufactured.

Shop this Product here:  Ripped Ankle Jeans


Check out the brand’s website: , I’m sure you’ll find something you like! And to get their latest updates, you can follow ZAN.STYLE on Instagram and Facebook :

ZAN.STYLE  Instagram

ZAN.STYLE Facebook

I hope you enjoyed this review!  : ) . If you have any questions then please leave a comment and I will do my best to help.


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