My Blogger Recognition Award!

blogger recognition award design

Before I start talking about me, myself and my blog, I would like to talk about the amazing blogger that selected me for the Blogger Recognition Award, Gabriela the founder of IamFoodieTraveler, a blog that’s about food and traveling, what’s not to love?!, her blog is beautiful, she has beautiful travel stories and recipes with many interesting information, you should definitely check it out: . Thank you Gabriela for taking the time to check out my blog and for selecting me for the Blogger Recognition Award, it means so much to me! and encourages me to do more.

so the Blogger Recognition Award is like an Emmy Award…. no just kidding! 😛  It’s actually an online award that is offered to bloggers by other bloggers, mostly for new bloggers that are just starting up.

Now let me tell you why I started this blog…. well I’ve always been into fashion, drawing and designing ever since I was a kid  and When I was 14 I started to love sketching and designing outfits, jewelry and anything fashion related, now of course being an architect complimented my talent to design and draw. To me, designing anything fashion related is just my way of relaxing and feeling good.

It was more like a hobby to me but after I graduated from University, I realized that it’s definitely something more, it’s simply a part of who I am and I definitely should do something about it!, my first step was creating my Instagram account @StylishMaze and sharing my love for everything fashion & beauty related, from there things started to  develop, I started being active on other social media networks as well and finally started this blog!.

Creating my own blog has been a really exciting experience, to have my first blog, my first website with a domain that is just for me!, I spent hours trying to set the perfect design, the perfect colors, everything had to be perfect, I’m never easily satisfied! So it took a while haha. It feels amazing to work on something that expresses you and that is my blog exactly!

When I started creating and writing my posts, I realized that my best part IS my readers! I get so excited and happy when people enjoy going through my designs, reading my reviews and finding my website useful, it makes it all worth it, I cannot thank you enough, THANK YOU 🙂 ❤

last but not least, My advice for new bloggers is, just be yourself and don’t try to be anything other than that because that’s your power! Be the unique and different you, always write about things that you’re passionate about and be patient because blogging isn’t easy and it takes time so just keep going and you will be fine! 🙂

Now it’s time to announce the nominees for the next Blogger Recognition Award :

  • elliegance and grace. : a source of fashion,beauty and lifestyle inspiration for the average college girl.
  • Thoresby Cottage : a space for creative thoughts with many DIYs, tips and more.
  • The Tennis Foodie : a place for Tennis Enthusiasts and Foodies.
  • TeamBeingFit : a blog about fitness and more.
  • HetalKamdar : food, art and travel blogger.
  • Electric Kristal : a blog about lifestyle,fashion and beauty .
  • FootballOutcasts : an online gathering point for football fans to discuss all things related to football.
  • BestOfMyKitchen : a blog about cooking with many tips and recipes.
  • Yogyai : a blog about change, inspiration and influence with E-workshops,services and more.
  • ChristianSpeaks : Christian is an author, blogger, and Qualified Mental Health Specialist, she provides professional expertise leading to the resolution to your concern with a unique blend of classic and modern psychological techniques.


   Now you are taking over the Award!

    Wishing you all the Best of Luck




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