WonderWoman – Design and Review?

img-set (3)
So I finally got the chance to watch WonderWoman and I fell in love!
This design is obviously inspired by the movie, and while I was posting my design I thought since the movie inspired me to design this then why not write a review about it as well?
And let me tell you that I’m so glad that I had decided to go watch it in theaters because it’s just the perfect thing to do! it was an experience!
To be honest I wasn’t expecting to be as impressed with this movie as I was , and a funny thing is that I didn’t even watch the trailer or read anything about the movie before watching it and I was never really into reading the WonderWoman comic books so I had no idea what I was walking into haha….It was just a sudden decision on  a Thursday night when me and my friend decided to go out and watch it.
Everything about this movie is perfect, I mean the casting is genius , the funny scenes, the music, everything! and The fighting action scenes were just flawless.
I loved the Beauty of Themyscira Island, which I later learned that it was shot in Italy, absolutely beautiful! and The saddest part was the final scene with Diana and Steve and his death 😦 , I kept hoping that he’d somehow be alive by the end of the movie but that unfortunately did not happen -_-.
Now If you havn’t watched WonderWoman or still hesitant then I’m telling you, watch it already! 😀
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 & Comment if you have any ideas or opinions about the movie, I would love to know what you think 🙂

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