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Today’s review is about two amazing products that I’m just completely satisfied with so of course I had to share them with you!

So recently my nails have been breaking, cracking, splitting and pealing all the time for no apparent reason, I just couldn’t grow them anymore, yes it was really bad! Especially since I’m used to having them nice and long all the time ….so I tried everything —BUT nothing worked!

I was desperate to find a solution and then I Found Sally Hansen Products, I have tried their nail polishes and their manicure kits which I loved but I have never tried their nail treatment products or any nail treatment products for that matter.

 So I decided to buy them and I was surprised with how satisfying the results were!

Now let me introduce you to the products and tell you all about how well they work!

  • Sally Hansen – Diamond strength nail hardener: this has Titanium and Micro-Diamond formula instantly bonds to strengthen and seal fragile nail layers with a virtually shatterproof, protective shield. I noticed a difference after the first time I used it, my nails started recovering gradually and within a week they’re back the way they were! Healthy and Strong : ) .
  • Sally Hansen – Hard as Nails | Clinic in a Bottle: this is a strengthening treatment, it helps prevent chipping, splitting and cracking for long-lasting protection and it Gives nails a chip-resistant surface. Locks in moisture to nourish and help stop breaking so nails can grow. The name says it all, It’s definitely a clinic in a bottle cause it treats all your nails problems and make them strong and beautiful!

I 100% recommend these products from my own personal experience, you can use both of these products at the same time, layer them up or you can use them separately, it’s up to you! . And you can use them alone or as a base coat before applying your nail polish. I personally like to apply two layers, one of each — as a base coat and then apply my nail polish.

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