No more Panda Eyes! – The Perfect Recipe

SO I’m sure we’ve all struggled with removing our eye makeup cause that’s when it gets all messy and eventually failing to remove it completely .

I noticed that Most of the eye makeup removers usually start to cause itchiness and dryness over time, especially when you have sensitive skin.

So this struggle made me come up with a way to solve this as much as possible.

This works in two steps, you might need just one, BUT for best results it’s recommended to use both steps:

Step One

Take an empty makeup container or any container that is suitable and then add an amount of Pure natural coconut oil ( as much as you need ) and then add Original Vitamin E oil  ( also as much as needed but it is recommended to have equal amounts of both oils) . Mix them together with a spoon and then store the mix in the fridge, this step is optional – you can store it in the fridge or outside but if you live somewhere with hot climate then it is recommended to store it somewhere cold.

Use a cotton ball or pad and dip it into the oil mix and start removing your eye makeup, you will notice that this removes it perfectly. It removes your gel eyeliner (even if it’s waterproof or long-lasting), your eye shadow and mascara! , after that wash your face gently.

Step Two

So now you’re probably wondering why do I need a step two when I already removed all the eye makeup using the oil mix??, well here is why! : so after you wash your face, you will notice that when washing your face with water, more mascara will be bleeding under your eyes and perhaps around your eyes as well due to the mascara residue you have left on your lashes — Here you will need Vaseline!  And no not the gelish white one that is commonly used, that will not do the trick! Use the original gel Vaseline substance (it’s usually sold as a lip therapyI will have a picture for it bellow) so now just take a cotton ball or pad with some Vaseline, wipe it on your eyes to remove any makeup or mascara left and voila!


So the great thing about this recipe is that it’s not only removing your eye makeup but at the same time it’s nourishing and moisturizing your eyes which is something we all need!

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