How to – make the perfect spray for hair and skin!

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Today I’m giving you an easy way to make a spray that will work for both hair and skin!  Now we all know that using heat protection spray is extremely important for our hair, because we need to protect it from all the heat caused by using the blow dryer and the straightening and curling irons so using heat protection spray will not only protect it from the heat but it will also help keep it moisturized and give it a healthy look after styling it.

I often have a hard time finding the perfect heat protection spray and when I do, I’m never really satisfied with the results, so for those reasons, I decided to make my own spray at home! Yep, using all the natural pure ingredients will surely guarantee great results.

So here is what you need :

  • You need an empty spray container.


  • 2 small pure vitamin E capsules.


  • 6 Teaspoon of 92% pure aloe Vera gel.


  • One Teaspoon of Pure coconut oil.


  • 3/4 cup of water


All these natural ingredients are extremely beneficial for both hair and skin but It is important to make sure not to put too much oil in the mix otherwise it will cause your hair to get oily and greasy.

Mix all of the ingredients together in the spray container and shake it well and that’s it!

Now as I previously mentioned, this spray is 2 in 1 because you can actually use it for your skin too! How awesome is that?! Because as you can see, all the ingredients are  also perfect for moisturizing and nourishing the skin. You can use this spray to prep your skin before applying your makeup or you can just use it whenever you feel that your skin needs a little boost throughout the day!

If you decide to make a separate spray for your face or skin ONLY, in that case you can play with the ingredient’s quantity according to your skin type and skin needs, for example if you have extreme dry skin then you can add more coconut oil and so on. you can also use Rose water instead of water, because rose water is also very good for your skin.


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