Murder on the Orient Express

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So taking a break from all the fashion and beauty fun, today I wanted to write about this new movie that I absolutely loved!   Murder On The Orient Express.

Ever since I was a kid, I loved reading Agatha Christie detective Novels, I’ve read so many of them! I find them very interesting And I think Agatha Christie is a genius, I think her novels are by far the best detective novels out there, even though I’ve read so many of her novels but luckily I haven’t read this one, Murder On The Orient Express, because when I went to watch the movie with my friends, I still had the element of surprise while watching it because I had no idea how it would end, even though I do have the book but I never actually got the chance to read it, for that I’m pretty thankful! Because it wouldn’t have been the same if I had read the book first, at least that’s what I think.


So because I really loved this movie, I thought I would tell you about it and recommend it to you! I personally love crime mystery and detective stories and I absolutely enjoyed watching a movie that is based on a novel of one of my favorite writers. I think the movie is absolutely perfect, the movie’s ambience, the cast, everything is just right! I think if I had read the book first then this is exactly how I’d have imagined it, you know?  It actually inspired me to design this! 😀

1I don’t want to get into details and spoil it for you but if you haven’t seen it yet and you’re looking for a good movie to watch then I definitely recommend this one.

I really hope they will keep making all of the Agatha Christie detective novels into films! It’s very exciting and interesting and I kinda got the feeling that they will be filming more movies based on Agatha Christie novels because at the end of this movie, Hercule Poirot got called to solve another crime which was the Death on the Nile.

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