2017 Mini Reviews!

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This year has come to an end and so have some of my products! so I decided to write to you about some of the products that I’ve panned and finished throughout this year, some of them I liked, some of them I didn’t like and some of them not so much, so I will give you a small brief review about each product and an estimation out of ten for each one. Please remember that I’m writing these reviews based on my personal experience, based on my skin type and tone, so what may not work for me, might work for you and vise versa.


So let’s start shall we!

  • Clinique Mineral Sunscreen for face: this is by far the best sunscreen that I’ve tried, it’s light, moisturizing, quickly absorbed and SPF50, you can read a full review about it HERE. This in my opinion is a 10/10 and I’m repurchasing it for sure.


  • Dress Me Perfect concealer by DEBORAH MILANO : this concealer is for eyes, I actually like it, it has good coverage and very moisturizing but even though I  I chose the lightest shade which is Light Beige 01 but it’s still dark for my skin that’s why I didn’t really like using it but I really like it’s formula. This in my opinion deserves 7/10.


  • Felt-Tip eyeliner by Bourjois paris – Ultra Black : this honestly is the best eyeliner pencil that I’ve ever tried and I have tried many and struggled to find the perfect one, out of all the ones that I’ve tried, this is definitely the perfect one in my opinion, it’s really black, really matte, long lasting and it’s tip does not dry out easily so you can use it for the longest time possible, also this pencil and it’s tip provides you with fast and easy application. This in my opinion is a 10/10 and after I completed this one, I went and bought another one!

Liner Feutre


  • NYX soft matte lip cream SMLC05: this color is called Antwerp, I absolutely love this NYX lipsticks , the formula is so soft on the lips yet it’s matte so it’s really perfect, it even smells really good and I fell specially in love with this color, it’s a color between red and pink , not very light and not very bold, it can pretty much go with any makeup look and you can wear it at various occasions wether it’s during the day or for a special occasion, it can work for both. Will definitely repurchase this .This in my opinion deserves 10/10.



  • BEYU light reflecting concealer: okay so this concealer I REALLY didn’t like, it’s very runny and light and has no coverage,  I noticed that it would turn grey after a while, I don’t know maybe it’s not working for me and it might work for you but in my opinion it’s really bad, this probably deserves 2/10.


  • The L’Oreal Telescopic Mascara : this is one of my holy grail products, definitely a must have, This in my opinion deserves 10/10 . you can read my full review HERE.


  • Clinique moisture surge overnight mask: this is perfect for the skin that’s suffering from extreme dryness, it’s kind of heavy which what makes it perfect for dry skin, definitely works and I definitely recommend it. This in my opinion deserves 10/10. This product was in the Ten days of Clinique package, you can read my full review HERE.



  • Clinique pep-start 2-in-1 exfoliating cleanser: this is a 2-in-1 exfoliating cleanser, this gently scrubs and cleans your face, so gentle and refreshing for sensitive and dry skin, LOVE this product and it was also in the Ten days of Clinique package, you can read full review HERE .



  • NYX soft matte lip cream SMLC03: this color is called Tokyo, I am absolutely in love with the formula but unfortunately I didn’t really like this color, I think it’s too light for a pink you know, I really didn’t like wearing it because it’s not like a light nude or something like that, it’s a light pink so I found it annoying, in my opinion it’s 7/10.



  • Clinique dramatically different moisturizing lotion: one of my favorite products ever! the Perfect moisturizer to use before applying makeup, I really love it and I went and got the cream version of the product for the winter time which is just flawless but I will definitely get the lotion version for summer.  This in my opinion deserves 10/10 was also a part of the Ten days of Clinique, you can read full review HERE .



  • YVES ROCHER Vitamin Face Mist : this is definitely not one of my favorite products, it doesn’t really set anything when it’s supposed to work as a makeup  setting spray, the spray itself is really bad in the most annoying way, This in my opinion deserves 2/10.


  • Vitamin C Facial Serum from OZNATURALS: I kinda like this one, it’s nourishing for the skin providing it with vitamin C, this serum also has Vitamin E and green tea in it, the skin absorbs it right away, I noticed that this serum makes my skin extremely soft and moisturizes it. This in my opinion deserves 8/10.



  • Yves Rocher Balm-Strawberry Scent: I really like this balm, it smells so delicious and it’s pretty moisturizing, it also gives the lips a healthy rosy look. This in my opinion deserves 10/10.



  • Body Butter from the body shop: I like this cream, it smells really good and is very moisturizing but it doesn’t get absorbed easily by the skin which I personally find  annoying, but overall I liked this product but I don’t think that I’ll be purchasing it again for a while. This in my opinion deserves 7/10.


  • Vaseline Original lip therapy: This is a holy grail product, I ALWAYS have to have this with me at home and whenever I travel, as it can be used in so many ways and for so many purposes.


  • All Around Concealer palette from Catrice cosmetics: I actually really didn’t like this product, it’s very dry and doesn’t work as well as it should. This in my opinion deserves 3/10.


  • Baby Johnson Oil: this is one of my must haves at home because it can be used for so many things, I personally love using it as a makeup remover whenever I feel like my skin is feeling extra dry, it’s also a great makeup remover for eyes because it removes and moisturizes at the same time, I really recommend having this oil with you at home or even when traveling. This in my opinion deserves 10/10.


  • Max Factor pressed powder: this is one of my absolute favorite face powders and I’ve been using it for a long time and repurchased it several times. This in my opinion deserves 10/10.


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