The fastest way to a healthier and shinier hair!

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So Today, I’ll give you a very easy and quick way to make your hair shinier and healthier than ever! it’s very simple and fast and will work more efficiently than most of the expensive hair products that we’ve used before. All you need is a few natural oils, the ones that I’ve used are very available and affordable pretty much everywhere, I personally used these three oils in equal quantities and in my opinion it was ideal for my hair, the oils that I used are:

  • One Table spoon of Olive Oil.


  • One Table spoon of Coconut Oil.


  • One Table spoon of Almond oil.


Mix these three oils together in a bowl and that’s it!

You can obviously play with the quantities depending on how long and how thick your hair is, you can add other oils that are beneficial for your hair as well but I’ve personally used these specific oils with these quantities and that gave me perfect results! my hair is normal, not too thick and not too thin and medium length, the above quantity is enough to completely cover my hair from roots to ends.

I just apply the oil mix onto my hair till it’s fully covered, after I’m done, I put my hair into a bun and leave it for about 30 minutes and then wash my hair thoroughly as I usually do.

Once I’m done blow drying my hair, I immediately notice how shinny and healthy my hair looks! As soon as I started using this, I started getting many positive comments about how shinny and healthy my hair looks! I have been doing this for over a month and absolutely been loving the results which is why I had to share this with you!. Ideally you can do this once or twice a week, I usually do this during the weekends 😀

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