Clarins Favorites – Review!

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Today’s review is about some of my favorite Clarin’s products, I have been using Clarin’s for quite a while and I’ve always loved their products, Clarins being a French luxury skincare brand, their products are all natural and have less chemicals than any other products you can possibly find, so you’re really just choosing the best thing for your skin, even if it is expensive but it’s definitely worth it. So now I’m going to review some of my favorite products from Clarins, let’s start, shall we?

Be Long Mascara

This is one of my favorite mascaras of all time, I bought it during my trip to Baku because they had good deals at the time so that kinda encouraged me to try it out plus I really needed a good mascara! and Clarins definitely sounded like a good idea, when I started using it, I was so proud of the decision that I had made! This Mascara has a brush that is kinda smallish and it features an exclusive design, which really helps when applying, it can reach every single lash, the formula is enriched with a growth activator, this is definitely true, even though I am blessed with long and thick lashes, still I did see a noticeable change in length when I started using this Mascara. A test had been conducted with 33 women for 4 weeks, measurements done on bare lashes and After 4 weeks of use, lashes increased in length by an average of 1.1 mm*



 Blue Orchid Face Treatment Oil “Dehydrated Skin”

This product is specifically formulated to restore vitality, radiance and freshness to dehydrated skin. I bought this because I felt that my skin needed it and since it’s a treatment, you can use this as needed. The best thing about this product is that it is absorbed immediately and it’s very natural, 100% pure plant extracts and it has Zero preservatives. It contains Essential oils of patchouli and blue orchid that helps tone and revitalize the skin and hazelnut oil to deliver moisture to ensure soft,supple skin.

I usually apply it In the evening, on damp and clean skin, I apply a small  amount to my face and neck while still damp, avoiding the eye contour. I gently dab my face with the palm of my hand and fingers, and If I had just washed and styled my hair, I apply any excess left on my hands to the ends of my hair, it smooths the ends and makes my hair look shinny and healthy!

Clarins Huile Santal Face Treatment Oil


Mission Perfection Eye – Broad Spectrum SPF 15

I accidentally found this product at  Yerevan Airport Duty Free market, I was actually looking for a moisturizer for my under eye area when instead I found this product and thought I would try it out and wow did I love it!, the good thing about this product is that it’s actually three products in one, sunscreen, moisturizer and treatment for dark circles all in one product! This product is a Mineral Sunscreen that Targets persistent dark circles, and also an eye illuminator. It comes with a built in brush that glides gently over the delicate eye contours ensuring perfectly even coverage. The formula of this product is Sheer tinted formula that blends with all skin tones.

What does this product do Exactly?

  • Visibly minimizes dark circles
  • Helps conceal all shades of dark circles
  • Protects the eye contour area with SPF 15


This product consists of  Powerful acerola extract and a vitamin C derivative, this helps minimize the appearance of brown dark circles for brighter, younger-looking eyes. This product helps conceal all shades of dark circles , Clarins’ “High-Lumitech” complex — a combination of illuminating pigments — optically neutralizes blue and brown dark circles for brighter eyes.  Another thing that I absolutely love about this product is that  it comes with SPF 15 which is something kinda hard to find in most products, so this product protects the eye contour area which is very important because we have to protect the delicate skin around the eyes from dark circles caused by the harmful effects of UVA/UVB rays and pollution.




I usually apply this before I put on my concealer, I like to apply it with the brush and then even it out with my finger tips,  the product is orangy in color so it works perfectly as an orange concealer base like as well as  SPF and moisturizer, how perfect is that ?



Twist tip to the ON position. Press down to release a small amount of product onto the built-in brush, and sweep across eye contour areas. Lightly fingertip-tap onto skin using the Clarins Method. Wipe brush after use. Apply 15 minutes before sun exposure.



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