BoxyCharm – Review ( Wild Flower)

BoxyCharm is beyond doubt the most famous beauty subscription! I’m pretty sure everyone’s have heard of it if not already a charmer 🙂 

Me personally, I’ve known about it for a really long time but only recently I have actually gotten the chance to subscribe and become a charmer 🙂 . My First BoxyCharm that I got was September’s BoxyCharm which is called ” Wild Flower“, I think it’s really cute how each box has a unique name to it! I really love most of the products that they had put in this box! and some of them are now officially on my favorites list ❤ .To be honest all of their boxes have amazing products that you can really benefit from most if not all of them and you get to try out new amazing products!

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Basically I decided to do a review series for all of the Boxes that I receive as soon as I try at least most of their products .This review will include all the products that I’ve tried from SepWild FlowerBoxycharm, all of the boxes usually have 4 to 5 full size products for only $21.

I will be giving you a little Introduction for each product along with my honest opinion on each one of them from my own personal experience. 

So let’s start, shall we!

Wild Flower

Wild Flower is the Name of  September BoxyCharm, each Boxycharm has variations, so what I got in my box might not be exactly like everyone else and vice versa, so My Box included the following products :

  • Angel Eyes Primer from Luscious Cosmetics.
  • Liquid Lipstick from Violet Voss.
  • Girlactik Skin Glow Duo
  • The Ojitos Brush Trio from Alamr Cosmetics
  • Nightingale, Smokey eyeshadow Palette from Pretty Volgur.

Now Let’s get into more detail, shall we?

1- Angel Eyes Primer – Luscious Cosmetics

I have been using this Angel eyes Primer from Luscious Cosmetics  for a while now, to be honest what I like about this product is that it’s really moisturizing because usually most eye primers tend to dry out my eyelids so this one is perfect in this way, I like it’s color too, it kinda has abit of coverage which is nice but unfortunately it really causes my eye shadow to crease and it wouldn’t last for more than 2 hours even though I always set it with a setting powder, I think it might be more suitable for people who have really dry eyelids. I would rate this product a 7/10 in my personal opinion.

Product Price is :  $14

2- Liquid Lipstick from Violet Voss.

The color of this liquid lipstick from Violet Voss is really beautiful, it looks better when you swatch it on your hand but when I applied it on my lips, I didn’t like the color as much, as for what I think of the lipstick itself, I don’t really like the formula, even though it does look pretty matte when you apply it but it stays pretty sticky and it also transfers, I would rate this product a 5/10 in my personal opinion.

Product Price is :  $12

3- Skin Glow Duo – Girlactik 

This gorgeous Skin duo from Girlactik , I got mine in moonlight, I can not tell you how much I LOVE this product, it’s probably my favorite product that I got from Boxycharm so far, this duo is a highlighter and a blusher packed together, so you get half circle of highlighter and have circle of blusher, the blush is not matte, it’s actually shimmery but not too shimmery you know what I mean, so when you apply it, it’s not too much, it’s just enough to make it look natural, another thing that I like about this product is that it’s different from the highlighters and blushers that I have, they’re not powdery, they’re creamy! Usually I use my fingers to apply it, this duo really gives you a natural look!, you can also apply the highlighter to the corner of your eye using  a small concealer brush, I absolutely Love doing that, it’s the perfect inner corner color and being creamy makes it even more perfect! It actually reminds me of this glittery Marc Jacobs pencil that I have and also use for my inner corner. This duo is one-of-a-kind formula, it’s infused with crush pearls. It blends beautifully with your skin and illuminates a fresh glow. Unlike most cream formulas, the Skin Glow applies seamlessly with no cakey-ness and dries down to a long wearing perfect glow.  I would rate this product a 10/10 in my personal opinion.

Product Price is :  $26

4-The Ojitos Brush Trio – Alamr Cosmetics

Another favorite of mine! this Brush Trio from Alamar Cosmetics, They’re perfect and exactly what I need at the moment, my favorite out of the three is definitely the blending brush! I haven’t tried similar blending brush because none of the brushes that I had used before were this size and this slim and not on the fluffy side you know? Being slimmish gives you more control of the color and the way you want to distribute and blend the color.

The Three brushes are: One flat painter brush, One fluffy blender and One flat tight liner brush . What I love most about these brushes is how they are perfectly shaped allowing for more control and precision, I also love the color of the brushes and how super soft they feel when you use them. I would rate this product a 10/10 in my personal opinion.

Product Price is 18$

5- Nightingale / Smokey eye shaodw palette – Pretty Volgur

Nightingale, smokey eyes shadow palette is filled with 12 long-wearing and highly pigmented, smoky eye shadows. What I like about the colors is that they’re all Bendable, not batchy ,pigmented and stays put, good even without a primer. What I don’t like about this palette is that all the colors are cool toned and I prefer warm toned colors, colors that are more natural and perfect for everyday unlike these smokey colors, but that’s just my preference, other than that the quality is absolutely amazing! If you like the colors of this palette then this palette would be perfect for you. I would rate this product a 7/10 in my personal opinion.

Product Price is 35$

As you can see I have tried all of the 5 products that I got, I hope my reviews were helpful  🙂

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