I’ve been wanting to write about this for a while now, IPSY has become my favorite monthly subscription, why? that’s what I will tell you in a bit, first let me quickly tell you about IPSY, its a monthly subscription, unlike the other Beauty subscriptions, this one comes with a cute bag! how awesome is that? it’s always good to have cute makeup bags, they are useful for many purposes and it is one of the things that as girls we love to buy so imagine getting that for free every month! And you can never get bored with them cause they are very creative and unique.

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IPSY has 3 types of subscriptions, they vary in prices, products and make up bag size, I will tell you all about them in detail :


This one contains 5 deluxe products, you get to personalize 1 of them each month, Retail Value is $50+, Monthly Price Subscription is $12 per month and it comes in a small size bag.


This one contains 5 full sized products, you get to personalize 3 of them each month, Retail Value is $120+, Monthly ,Price Subscription is $25 per month and it comes in a medium size bag.


This one contains 8 Full Size products and 4 Deluxe samples, you get to personalize 1 of them each month, Retail Value is $250+, Monthly Price Subscription is $50 per month and it comes in a large size bag.

If you’re interested in getting an IPSY subscription then please click the bellow link : https://www.ipsy.com/64yhl566

At first I subscribed to GLAM BAG, but the deluxe size kinda felt like a sample, it doesn’t really give you the chance to enjoy the product you know? and also you don’t really get the really good products because not many of the actually come in deluxe size SO I decided to upgrade to the GLAM BAG PLUS and I’m so happy that I made this decision. I’m way more satisfied with the products that I get, almost everything that I get has become a must have or something that I would really recommend and might repurchase when I get the chance, Read all about My Coffee Scrub Review, it was one of the products that I got on IPSY and then couldn’t live without.

Ok now not only the IPSY bags are so amazing but also they have many great offers and features for the IPSY members, my favorite part is the add ons, which basically the Products that you can pick and buy but with a much lower price than their original prices as a privilege for being an IPSY member, how cool is this?

Another cool thing about IPSY is that there are different ways to getting points and points mean free products! yep, this is my favorite part, you can get points by either referring friends or reviewing the products that you get from IPSY which I think is really fun to do and get benefit from at the same time.

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