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Learn How To – Make The Best Natural Hair Mask

Today I’ll be sharing with you an amazing mask recipe for your hair, it will literary give you the healthiest and shiniest hair and trust me I have tried many recipes over the years, even many expensive hair products that supposedly give you healthy and shiny hair but none of them gave me this effect and the best part about

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A Quick Tip for Your Lip!

So today I’m sharing with you these two very quick and easy tips, I have tried them of course and I was definitively satisfied with the results. Tip Number One: Now I’m sure we all have dry lips sometimes, perhaps pealing as well and maybe a burning feeling in your lips too! So a quick solution for this is toothpaste!

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Review – Clinique Mineral Sunscreen

So let’s start talking about the new “Clinique Mineral Sunscreen Fluid for Face”!, writing this strictly from my personal experience. I have been using this product for several months now and I’m very much in love with it! I have tried different sunscreen products before but none of them was as satisfying as this Clinique sunscreen, it is lightweight, SPF

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